EVA Film For V-process Vacuum Casting

Production Line:German Reifenhäuser EVOLUTION Line
Plant: 100,000-degree cleanroom
Width: < 4,600 mm
Thickness: 40~350 micron
Length: <6,000 meter
Elongation Rate: ≥ 600%
EVA film is a necessity in V-process Vacuum Casting process. Ynnovation adopts the advanced German Reifenhäuser blown film line to manufacture the film in 100,000-degree cleanroom. EVA film has excellent thermoformability, elongation properties, and is suitable for shaped or pointy molds. These performance advantages lead to fewer casting failures, which help reduce waste.

After years of hard work by the company's R&D division and the experienced production team, Ynnovation has achieved fruitful results in product quality optimization and product thinning application. The innovative product —ultra thin cast film—improves the utilization level of raw materials, reduces costs for customers and eliminates casting defects. It also successfully replaced the overseas imported cast film in the domestic Chinese market and is currently exported to Southeast Asia, the Americas, Eastern Europe and other countries and regions.
– Special formulation, provide downgauging capability while improve productivity and processability 
Small thickness deviation (Average deviation ± 3%)
High strength for very low gauge film
Ease of processability
Excellent elongation rate
Easy to peel off
Impact strength
Puncture resistance
Flex crack resistance
Technical Information
产品分类 厚度划分 产品尺寸
Tensile Strength Mpa
延伸率 热收缩率 Shrinkage % 适用对象 Application  
Thickness Grade Thickness Micron Elongation Rate %  
单幅宽度 整幅宽度 长度 横向 纵向 横向TD 纵向MD  
Single Layer Width mm Double Layer Width mm Length m TD MD  
Very Thin
≤ 100 ≤ 3100 ≤4600 ≤6000 ≥ 20 ≥ 20 ≥ 600 ≥ 600 ≤ 4.5 Fine surface plate castings (e.g. locomotives)  
100-200 Medium size castings (e.g.  pump body, pot piece, bathtub)  
200-300 Large castings with complex shapes (e.g.  counterweights and reduction housings)  
Very Thick
≥300 Very Large Casting(e.g.  large machine bed, marine equipment casting